Curiosity Café – The Curation of Creative Contentment

DSC_2548The Dry Water Curiosity Café is for people living with dementia and their carers.

Together the group find ways in which to explore and experiment.

It is not led or directed and the atmosphere is one of creative contentment and acceptance.

The session is facilitated and maintained by the concentration, suggestion and expression of all the participants.

There are no labels, no them and us, no emphasis on dementia but rather a focus on being and what might happen…what are the possibilities.

What emerged yesterday was one of the most beautiful, meditative and creative environments we have ever been privileged to participate in. Breathing deepened, awareness expanded…

It is rare thing and so very essential to a connected sense of feeling well and feeling nurtured.

An hour of pure absorption and non-verbal communication,totally present to each moment and to each other.

Here are some of the comments

“ Time does not exist here”

“It is so organic …. you can get lost in it”

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